IronTech offers its customers the best technical support for their products. The technical support policy is designed to provide you with the best possible service for Irontech systems:

  1. When contacting the technical support service, please have your serial number, order number and device name and model ready.
  2. When changing the hardware configuration of your system by adding or removing components, please first contact customer service, so that we can update our registers with the modifications, you can also do this process by sending an email to By doing this process the customer ensures that we have all the necessary information to deal with future technical support issues.
  3. If there is a failure of a hardware component of the system, and it is still within the warranty period, Irontech will open an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) enquiry, providing you with an RMA number for your support issue, and proceed to provide a spare part. The technical support department is more than ready to assist you in the return of the defected part. They will contact you with shipping information and tracking number of the shipment date. We will also provide support at your disposal for assistance with the installation of the spare part. After receiving a replacement part, you will then be required to return the original defected part to Irontech within 15 working days, or an invoice will be issued for that part. Please contact technical support for assistance.
  4. If your system has detected a failure that cannot be quickly diagnosticated by the customer service department or fixed with a spare part, we will start the return of the equipment to the factory, where the equipment will return to our facilities for repairing. Irontech refers to this as a “Return Authorization System” or “RSA”. The response time for an RSA is approximately 5 business days.
  5. Technical support covers all hardware problems you may encounter in your system. However, support for the software is not included. We will provide you with all the support you need to get your equipment up and running in a basic state. Network problems, Apache web server, Sendmail and other special configurations are not officially supported.