Industrial devices for water and dust environments
Industrial devices for water and dust environments

Industrial devices are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of various sectors, including those with constant presence of water, humidity, or dust. These devices are essential to ensure efficiency and operational continuity in adverse environments; furthermore, they must guarantee functionality and readability. Therefore, it will be crucial to choose the most suitable equipment according to your sector and industrial automation elements.

Key features of industrial displays

Industrial monitors, like Panel PCs, are distinguished by their robustness and sealing, offering features such as:

IP protection against ingress of liquids and solid particles

Screens come with IP ratings indicating their level of resistance to the ingress of solids and liquids. For example, a screen with an IP68 rating offers complete protection against dust and prolonged immersion in water under specified conditions.

High brightness screens for outdoor visibility

Essential for readability in conditions of high ambient light, such as direct sunlight outdoors. High brightness screens ensure that information is easily visible to operators.

Corrosion and impact-resistant housings

Manufactured with materials such as stainless steel or high durability polymers, these housings protect against corrosion, impacts, and vibrations, ensuring the integrity of the device in rough industrial environments.

Extended operating temperature for extreme environments

Capable of effectively operating in a wider temperature range than conventional displays, which is crucial for outdoor applications or industrial processes with extreme temperatures.

How to choose the right industrial display

The selection of an industrial display should be guided by a detailed assessment of the specific needs of the operating environment. Consider the following factors:

  • Environment Evaluation: Identify the main environmental challenges (dust, water, temperature) and select a screen with appropriate protection ratings.
  • Display Requirements: Determine if you need a touch screen, the screen size for optimal visibility, and the need for high brightness.
  • Compatibility and Connectivity: Ensure that the screen is compatible with existing hardware and software, and assess connectivity needs to seamlessly integrate into your current system.
  • Durability and Maintenance: Consider expected durability and maintenance requirements. Greater durability may mean a higher initial cost but will result in lower total cost of ownership in the long run.

Sector-specific needs

Manufacturing and Food Processing

Require displays that not only withstand exposure to water and frequent cleaning processes but also comply with hygiene and food safety regulations. Ease of cleaning and resistance to aggressive cleaning agents are essential. To comply with food regulations, these equipment must be stainless steel (either in Stainless Steel Monitor or Stainless Steel Panel PC).

Oil & Gas, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical Industries

Require displays that can operate in environments with corrosive vapors or in areas classified as hazardous in the case of ATEX Panel PCs. Data integrity and precision in process control are critical to maintaining product quality and safety. In most cases, the equipment’s housing will also need to be stainless steel.

Maritime and Construction Sectors

These sectors demand displays that can withstand constant exposure to the elements, including salinity, humidity, and extreme temperature variations. Robustness and the ability to operate in direct sunlight conditions are top priorities.

Maintenance and Care of Industrial Displays

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of industrial displays. This includes regular cleaning, integrity inspections, and software updates.

Industrial displays represent a strategic investment for operations in extreme environments, offering resistance, durability, and adaptability. Selecting and maintaining these devices properly is key to maximizing their value and functionality.

If you belong to the industrial sector and need equipment that can withstand the most extreme environments, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will advise you.