Irontech renews the CCC Certification for the second year
Irontech renews the CCC Certification for the second year
Corporate Announcements

At Irontech Group, we have renewed the CCC certification for our factory, equipment, and production procedures for the second consecutive year. But what does this certification really mean, and why is it so important to us?

What is CCC Certification?

CCC Certification (China Compulsory Certificate) is a requirement for the export and sale of equipment in China, known for its stringent standards as an entry barrier to this market.

The rigorous evaluation process involved in certification ensures that the Panel PCs and Industrial Monitors manufactured meet the most demanding quality and safety standards in the industrial market.

At Irontech Group, we understand that this achievement is not only a recognition of our commitment to excellence and dedication to innovation and continuous improvement, but also a reminder that we are continually advancing in the path of quality and safety in an increasingly demanding market during our internationalization process.