Our range of Industrial Panel PC

Explore our wide range of industrial Panel PC made in Spain. Designed for challenging industrial environments, our devices offer superior performance, durability and advanced connectivity in multiple formats, sizes and components. At Irontech you will find touch Panel PC with IP65 front panel, fully waterproof stainless steel VESA enclosures and even ATEX certified. Get more information or a customised quote on our industrial Panel PC without obligation by contacting us.

More information about the Industrial Panel PC

Industrial Panel PCs are integrated computer equipment that combine a touch screen and a computer in a single unit, specifically designed for use in industrial and professional environments. These equipments are characterized by their resistance, reliability and ability to operate in adverse environmental conditions. Industrial Panel PCs are used in a wide range of industrial applications, such as process automation, equipment monitoring, machine control, and real-time data visualization. In addition, they are compatible with all existing industrial sectors. At Irontech, we have touch Panel PCs for the general industry, such as the automotive industry, logistics, metallurgy, textiles, etc. And also for more delicate environments, where stainless steel equipment with Full IP65 protection is required, such as in the food and chemical industries, among others, and even with ATEX certification to work in areas at risk of explosion.

How to choose an industrial Panel PC

When selecting an industrial Panel PC suitable for your needs, it is important to consider the following aspects:

Work environment where the PC Panel will be used

Assess the environmental conditions in which the Panel PC will be used, such as dust, humidity, vibrations, or extreme temperatures. Make sure that the device has an appropriate protection (IP) rating and meets the resistance standards required for your specific industrial environment. To find the right solution, the appropriate mounting for the equipment must also be considered. For this, there are models that can be mounted on the wall or cabinet, Closed Frame and Full IP65 touch computers for more demanding environments with cleanliness or the presence of humidity.

Screen size and resolution

Consider the screen size needed to display the information optimally. Also evaluate the screen resolution to make sure it's sufficient to display graphics and data clearly and legibly. Above all, if you have any software that must work with a specific resolution, contact us to find the most suitable one.

Panel PC Performance

Check the technical specifications of the components built into the Panel PC, such as the processor, RAM, and storage capacity. Make sure the device has enough processing power and storage capacity to run the applications and tasks required in your industrial environment.


Consider the connectivity options available on the industrial Panel PC, such as USB ports, Bluetooth, serial ports, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc. Make sure the device has the necessary interfaces to connect to the network and other equipment or peripherals in your industrial environment.

Customization and scalability

If you have specific requirements or future expansion needs, check to see if the Panel PC allows for customizations or upgrades in terms of additional memory, storage, or interfaces. This will allow you to adapt the device as your industrial needs evolve. At Irontech we carry out totally customized projects, so if you want to get ahead of your needs, do not hesitate to tell us about your project to find the ideal solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Panel PC

How is an industrial Panel PC assembled?

Many industrial Panel PCs are designed for surface, wall or electrical cabinet mounting. These are very versatile in terms of sizes to choose from and the type of assembly, facilitating integration into any industrial environment, in addition to being compatible with the rest of the hardware and automation components of production lines, control, etc. There are also models with VESA support mounting, for those who need a more mobile work station or to integrate into machines that cannot be incorporated into the PC Panel.

Are Touch Screen Panel PCs resistant to dust and water?

As with assembly, there are also different sealing options. As standard, the IP65 protection index is used in the industry, here we would find several options, the frontal protection for integration or panel-mounted equipment and the Full IP65 versions with IP68 connectors, for environments with the presence of humidity or even liquids. . At Irontech we are capable of manufacturing equipment for greater needs, we work on the development of Panel PCs IP65K. the highest degree of protection, which resists pressure jet cleaning. If you work in such an environment, do not hesitate to ask us for information for this team.

What kind of touch screens are used in industrial Panel PCs?

Industrial Panel PCs can use different types of touch screens, each suitable for a type of environment and operation. There are resistive and capacitive touch sensors. Each type of Touch Screen Panel PC has its own characteristics and benefits, so the choice will depend on the specific needs of the application and the preference of the user, whether they require a robust one-touch touch or need more maneuverability. For more resistance, resistive touch is used, which detects touch on the screen, and for more advanced applications, capacitive touch, which can detect more fingers and movements on the touch screen.

Can I use an industrial Panel PC in an environment with risk of explosion?

Yes, there are industrial Panel PCs specifically designed for use in hazardous environments with risk of explosion. These devices usually comply with ATEX or IECEx certifications, which guarantee their safety and protection against ignition in potentially explosive environments. At Irontech you will find these models for classified areas 2/22.