Quality and Environmental Policy

The Quality and Environmental Policy, defined by the Management for a scope of DESIGN, MANUFACTURE AND COMMERCIALIZATION OF INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE acting within the context and considering the expectations of the relevant stakeholders.

It has the goal to achieve:

  • A high quality industrial product with all the added value brough by our experience as a manufacturer.
  • A new product development according to market needs.
  • An integrated technical assistance service to maximize our products’ lifepan.
  • A minimal environmental impact.
  • The improvement of Staff skills.
  • Maximum satisfaction of our customers.
  • The establishment of the necessary actions to comply with our customers’ requirements, including legal and regulatory ones.
  • The company Continuous Improvement.

The management considers these objectives indispensable to achieve a complete organizational structure in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.

The Management has constituted the Quality Committee as the Operational Quality Representative, granting it the responsibility and authority to identify and reveal the inherent quality issues, taking the necessary actions for their solution and verifying their results.

Commitment and Good Practices Guide

The customer is the center of our activity and their satisfaction is our top priority. That is why Irontech Group has a guide to commitment and good practice with customers, with useful information on the services provided and the commitments acquired with the company.

We work with responsibility, efficiency, discipline and respect to ensure the full satisfaction of our clients. That is why we publicly acquire some commitments.

The Letter is a quality management tool. The document explains that service commitments have a fundamental value.

IRONTECH on Conflict Minerals

Irontech Solution is committed to ensuring the health, safety and protection of our fellow workers, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We also require high social and environmental standards among ourselves and our suppliers. By these principles we abide the Conflict Minerals Sourcing Policy regarding the responsible purchasing practices and utilization of mineral deposits in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and surrounding conflict-affected regions.

Irontech Solutions is committed to:

  1. Identifying which Irontech Solution products are impacted and targeting our efforts accordingly;
  2. Adopt a supply chain policy for 3TG minerals and metals potentially originating from conflict-affected and high-risk areas, and communicate to suppliers and the public on the supply chain policy;
  3. Not buying products and materials containing Conflict Minerals directly from Conflict Mines (CAHRA’s and the Covered Countries);
  4. Working with our suppliers to ensure that any Conflict Minerals contained in the products and materials supplied to Irontech Solutions originate from Conflict Free sources;
  5. Updating the Irontech Solution Global Terms Agreement with a Code of Conduct and our purchasing terms and conditions to reflect this policy.